The Giant

There once was a mighty giant. He was 20 feet tall, had the strength of 1000 men and wore a crown made of tarnished steel. He lived in a small hut near a mountain where he happily spent his days doing giantly things. One evening though, he began to feel very tired. You see, giants don’t sleep, at least not like humans do – instead, he would close his eyes every night and stare into the blackness of eternity and never feel rested.

He made his bed and laid down. He did not bother to lock his doors because he knew that those who trifled with giants were fools that would crumble with a wave of his mighty fist. He pulled his blanket over his body and drifted into a deep and well deserved slumber.

Smelling their opportunity, the creatures of the forest knew this was their chance – though they didn’t hate the giant, they longed to taste his blood on their sandpaper tongues. At first, a few brave ones crept through his door and into his house and skittered toward his bed.  They began to nibble on his legs and he did not stir. The others gained courage from the sight and soon his entire house was filled with the thirsty beasts.

He only needed to open one of his fiery eyes and they would scurry for cover.

But alas, he was very tired and did not wake. He could not wake.

…and the creatures, slowly but surely, rent the meat from his bones, leaving only a skeleton.

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