It could be worse

“You know, I don’t think we deserve to be here,” said the Mad Bumbler leaning against the bars of his cell, “we didn’t do anything that everyone else doesn’t do – what is a king but just a man pretending to be one?”

“I only have two things to say to you. One, I knew this was a bad grift from the start. Two, next time you think up something like this, don’t bring me along,” Daisy responded, scratching his 2 day scruff and scowling.

“And I have just one response” said the Bumbler, patting his cot and lying down,”at least we didn’t have to pay for a bed to sleep in tonight.”

“Even so, we sleep this night sober and without soft curves to keep us company,” grumbled Daisy.

“Bah, it’s good for us,” replied the Bumbler, “too much luxury will make us soft!”

“Ha! HA HA!  This from the one who insisted on separate suites with deluxe baths last night. You worry about MY softness?” the big man snorted.

“When we travel with savages, we sleep on the dirt under the stars. Last night we were noble aristocrats, so we slept under silk sheets. Tonight we are criminals, so we have these cots, chains and cold floors. Tomorrow, who knows?”

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