After 10,000 Years in the Cage of the Nihilist Gods

“I cannot believe” the warlock paused for emphasis, “that I have to spell out what has to be done.”

Theodore inhaled sharply before sighing. “It appears so.”

“Your fleets are out of position – the nearest Returners cannot close the distance in time. Corzin’s ships will be through the gap and into open space WITH the Dimensional Oubliette in tow before ANYONE can block him.”

The Warlock glared with impossible rage. These were the most powerful beings in the universe, Masters that made him appear but an amateur trickster in contrast. Were they so immersed in unfathomable dreams that they no longer recognized themselves as tokens on the game board?

“Except us, you twice-damned fools! We can go hold the gate of Orim ourselves!” The warlock  grabbed the bars of his cage and shook them futility. “What other choice do we have?!”

The cage swayed back and forth – the creaking chain echoed throughout the chamber.

Theodore glanced at his siblings – Alue closed her eyes softly and Rudario furrowed his brow and stroked his thin beard.

“You would have us dirty our hands?” Theodore asked.

“You are already SOAKED in blood. You ALL are drowning in it! Are you MAD?” The Warlock screamed.

Alue walked over and grabbed the cage firmly, halting its inertia (and creaking).

“Peasant.” She hissed, locking her eyes with the Warlock. “We are quite mad – but that is of no consequence or concern of yours. Besides, what do you care if Corzin escapes?”

She leaned forward with her face between the bars of the cage and mouthed “tr-ai-tor”

The Warlock lunged foward but was held back by the iron* shackles around his wrists and neck.

Alue coolly leaned back and smiled.

“We … misplayed our hand and underestimated our opponent.” she continued, “these things happen. Even to us.”

“Indeed,” Rudario replied, “Corzin has proven quite resourceful, I am impressed. And now he has the Null Beast, or will once he cracks the Nth lock.”

“All the more reason.” the Warlock snarled, “that we stop him now.  RIGHT NOW.  Before he has the opportunity!”

Theodore fished around in his pocket before revealing a tarnished iron* key.

“Quite right.” Theodore said, tapping the key against the bars of the cage. He inserted the key into the lock and turned until there was a barely audible click. The locks the bound him opened with the sound of hidden mechanation. “Good luck then.”

Theodore then looked at his cohorts, who nodded dispassionately to him. In the space of a blink, all 3 were gone – to where? I do not know.

The Warlock rubbed his wrists, grunted and kicked the cage door wide open.

More bullshit, as usual.

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