The Every Thing

Once upon a time, I saw something strange. It slowly trickled in from the shadows and took on shape and form. Before I had a chance to run or gather my wits, it had completed its manifestation. The Every Thing had arrived. I had always thought the Thing was a myth but there it stood before me as real and true as anything (which isn’t very real or true at all but real and true enough). Its skin was the shiny opalescent black of eternity, giving the impression of constant movement even as it stood still before me. Its eyes glimmered with a fiery light, like liquid fire. I was overcome with a sense of curiosity that was matched only by my intense fear, but I stood my ground. Running from a monster like the Every Thing was only inviting it to pounce.

“I am the Revolution. I am the Every Thing. It is your time, traveler, and it is you I have come for you.” the voice seemed not to come from it but rather from everything else but it. The walls, the floor, even my body (and soul?) spoke these words while the Every Thing stood silent.

“But why?” I asked.

It began to pace back and forth, a thoughtful gaze fixed on me.  Perhaps it was considering granting me clemency. Perhaps it was just trying to find a proper angle to attack.

“You must return to the cycle. You must be CONSUMED so you can be reborn.” It spoke while continuing its dance-like rhythm, its ebony talons tapping hard against the cold ivory tiles.

“Come at me then,” I said raising my arms threateningly. I knew a creature such as this was too righteous to be reasoned with but maybe a being like me – powerful and sublime – stood a chance against it.

It paused a half second before it bound into the air and was upon me. Its body seemed to stretch outward in all directions and envelope me like a net. What was once a monster of limited size had become limitless. All above me was the Thing and I fell backwards sprawling unto the floor. Its flesh was cold as it pressed against my skin and the blackness leaked underneath me like liquid until there was no white floor at all. All around me was total blackness, it crushed me and burned me. I felt disassociated with reality, the passage of time no longer seemed to hold any meaning. My existence seemed to consist of being devoured and digested for all of eternity. Trying to keep my mind intact, I felt it all slipping away, my thoughts and memories fading like a dream – as I frantically grasped for them, I only caught air. Then I felt as though I was nothing at all. I had no self, no ego, no body, no mind. I was no longer aware of ever being anything at all.

9 months later I was born.

and here I am.